Friday, December 1, 2017


For everyone who wondered if they are related to someone who came to America aboard the Mayflower, and for history buffs world-wide, my new book, MAYFLOWER VOYAGE, An Historical Treatise should satisfy each and everyone.

Also, a terrific choice for all school aged youngsters, whether home schooled, public or parochial  schooled. Included are two letters from teenager Lizzy (Elizabeth Tilley-see her statue at the Mayflower Museum @ Plymouth), who wrote from aboard ship and once landed to her Aunt still in England.

For you ancestry/genealogy buffs, every passenger is profiled with as much information as is available for the telling and maiden names are listed as well for the wives. Also, for those who need DNA profiles, they too are available from the men listed who it is known have lineage alive today.

All information is referenced for checking and further exploring more details for those so inclined.

This was an enlightening experience and one I know you too will enjoy. Available now on Amazon under Kathleen Boston McCune, author.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Just released, my new book and autobiography LIVING LIFE FULLY is available on Amazon.
Though more an overview of my life, than an in-depth analysis of it or of anyone who has been a part of my life, it is also as I remember it.  That does not mean it is the history as my family or friends may remember it, since as with all humans, my memory is wrapped by my own experiences and is tinted by those lessons learned and those yet to be accepted. Naivety, or at least believing in everyone I meet before judging them, has been my way of living, and this is why I chose the title of LIVING LIFE FULLY. I think that because Dad and most of my older relatives were always so pragmatic and overprotective, impressing on us all to mistrust everyone and especially those of the opposite sex, I tended to go the other way, to the detriment of my own pocketbook but to the advantage of having experiences I would not otherwise have enjoyed and some I wished I had missed. Though time and learned knowledge have agreed with their analyses of around 75% of my life, the remaining 25% has given me the freedom to feel young at my current age of 70, because I still see life as a learning experience without parameters of fear and distrust instead of love and caring. 

Memories of A Baby Boomer

Memories of  A Baby Boomer
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