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Renown British Author Reviews: PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE ~


PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is an epic story, based on an actual family history, which has been skilfully brought to life by the talented author Kathleen Boston McCune. The chief protagonists, Serena and Perry Campbell have been aiding escaped slaves flee from the oppression of the South at the advent of the Civil War. Now fearing retribution from southern, pro slavery, sympathizers, they set out to make a new life in Kansas.
R.L. Bartram
 This book is written with such exquisite detail, deftly creating a “spirit of place”, that I was instantly transported back in time to the world of the pioneer. The descriptions of what they ate, how they dressed, what they thought and the hardships they endured are so realistically   portrayed that I felt I was making the journey with them. I was particularly taken with Serena Campbell, whose stoic outlook and cheerful nature, even after the tragic loss of three children, bound the story together. Her devotion to her husband, family neighbours and friends, despite the many hardships of the trail is both heart warming and inspirational.  As seen through the eyes of the pioneer families this book covers one of the most significant periods of American history, in essence, the birth of a nation, from the gradual dispossession of the native people, the destruction of the buffalo herds, to the coming of the railway and the building of frontier towns to great cities.
PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is an engrossing read, whilst being both educational and entertaining. As an author of historical fiction based on fact, I can truly appreciate the fine detail that makes this book stand out from the crowd. I am normally a fast reader, but I took my time with this one because there was so much to absorb and it was well worth it.
                      I can thoroughly   recommend PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE, not only to devotees of history, but to anyone who enjoys a well written family saga. If this isn’t already on your “Must Read” list, then add it now.

R.L.Bartram. Author.    

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