Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE for the teacher wanting FACTS..

PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is the true story of two families who after helping slaves escape the South just prior to the Civil War, moved to escape death themselves in Southern Missouri, and then after the war, moved to Kansas to Homestead land for themselves and their progeny.

My Foreward explains best from whence the book evolved:
Campbell's brick home in Ellsworth, KS 1874.
"I want to dedicate this book, (which as closely follows actual facts as possible), to those gutsy, hardworking, patient, God and family loving forefathers and foremothers who dared to begin anew in a land filled with the unknown, of hostile Indians, prairie fires, and mostly bereft of timber (their known touchstone).  I am so proud to be a part of the family who followed the dictates of their hearts and souls and guidance of the Bible to govern their lives and how they lived them.  This is dedicated more specifically to the Campbell and Johnson families who left a lucrative living selling their Peach Brandy to New Orleans.  For them it was necessary to leave their peach groves in Southern Missouri to save the lives of their immediate families from Separatists during the Civil War, who would insure they no longer assist the Slaves escaping from their Owners, who would pay for the death of those aiding them in their escape.

            Though they would never brag of their exploits or self-sacrificing acts of kindness, feeling their actions were merely what any humane person would do, they nevertheless had to leave a way of life they found comfortable to insure another part of mankind could struggle to make a life which might be free from slavery ….something they knew no man nor woman should ever have to endure."

The book starts in first person, but as the Heroine becomes deeply involved in her new life, third person takes over with the Author explaining progress between the covers of this authentic Pioneer Tale.

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