Friday, November 15, 2013

The Valentine Perfect Gift for the Sailor in your life....

Stewart Douglas Boston has written his second book  which is a collection of short stories derived from his experience in the Navy as an Officer of the U.S.S. California CGN-36 which accompanied the Nimitz during the Viet Nam War.  His tales share the visits ashore as well as the trials of sailors while at sea, sparing no detail of the pain suffered those who received "Dear Johns" while serving their Country.

This is the true story of Stewart Douglas Boston born May 8, 1949….short stories of his childhood, teen years, college years and Navy Boot Camp in San Diego.  From there he sees most of the World while on cruises where he eventually earns the rank of 1st Class Petty Officer in charge of the engine room aboard the nuclear powered U.S.S. California CGN-36.  Over seven years with his ship escort to the Nimitz on her starboard side, he and his fellow crewmen toured and visited England, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Egypt and other Northern Africa cities as well as Gitmo on Cuba and other islands.  This is a fun read which becomes touching as he deals with his fellow Sailors when they receive Dear John letters from their women while at sea where they are unable to deal with them.

A must read for all Sailors who have spent time at sea and their families who have endured their absence.

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