Monday, June 11, 2012

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Anne is the feisty red-haired, spoiled yet fun filled daughter of Perry and Serena Campbell born in 1869 Kansas (see SERENIA'S KANZAS). 
           Her life will be filled with Cowboys, Indians, Barn Dances and the rough weather Kansas is famous for of arid summers and frigid winters with up to six feet of snow drifting in western Kansas to twice that height.
           This book begins when Serena is in labor with the child who will usurp Annes hold on her mother's attention.  She soon learns to follow her Pa and the male family members to find the mental challenges her mind demands.  Though her Ma reads, most of the time she is physically involved in insuring the house, kitchen garden and children are cared for, while the men plan, direct and brew whiskey to make the money which holds them to the land.  To Anne, the men have the commanding roles and she finds them more compelling than her female counterparts...that is until she sees Lon Boston the first time.  At her thirteenth birthday celebration Lon makes an appearance with her favorite Uncle and wins her admiration and affection.  Indeed,Falling in love with the Cowboy Lon Boston gives Anne the impetus to continue in the rough and tumble Kansas where just surviving can pull the beauty from a rose in less than a day.  His quiet gentleness, impeccable demeanor and respect from his peers won him to her heart even before she noticed how handsome he was.  Lon, 6’4”, with black wavy hair, pale blue eyes and sweeping handlebar moustache rode a horse as though born on one.  His quiet commanding voice was the antithesis to her too quick fits of temper. He found the sprightly Anne, barely 5’ tall, fiery green eyes, a tangle of bright curly crimson hair the challenge he was eager to tangle up with….for the rest of his life.

Memories of A Baby Boomer

Memories of  A Baby Boomer
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