Sunday, November 20, 2011

Working now on Anne...Serenia's Kanzas' sequel

I want to thank everyone who checks out my posts on a regular basis and let you know that I am not sitting about idly, but am diligently and carefully working on the sequel to Serenia's Kanzas.  I take this assignment very seriously since the characters are family members who paved the way for all my family today.  With this in mind I traveled recently back to Ellsworth, Kansas (see The Cowboy post) to revisit the sights they saw and reminisce with relatives who share family who lived beside and among ours during the same period of 1871 to 1910 in Ellsworth.  By taking more time to garner the photographs in other cousins' treasure troves I have actually been sent one of Elijah Johnson, (by cousin Edith Marie Wolsieffer Tucker) complete with the mutton chop side burns rumored to be his one sin of vanity.  I just know all readers will enjoy even more the telling of the next part of the Campbells, Johnsons and soon to be Bostons history which will include the sirloin and the casserole with nothing left out of the lives of true Pioneers in this Great Country of Ours.....America.

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