Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Media Blitz Today for With Arms Wide Open

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PublishAmerica Presents With Arms Wide Open by Kathleen Boston McCune

Frederick, MD November 8, 2011 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present With Arms Wide Open: About Kathleen Boston McCune by Overland Park, Kansas author Kathleen Boston McCune.

“From the hot and arid wheat fields of Salina to the deserts of Arizona and the bayous of Baton Rouge, I spent my life to date exploring the challenges ever present in our America,” McCune said. “The eldest of six children, I accepted responsibilities early, relishing the results of a job well done.  Learning too of the rich strains in our heritage inspired me to heights which might otherwise have felt too high to reach.

“Beginning my career as Deputy Treasurer for the State of Kansas was a political apex which encouraged me to continue in the field of budgets, investments and computerization at a time in America when these areas of management were and still are the integral part of whether we as a Leader in the World will continue in that coveted role or not.

“Perhaps in the reading and enjoyment of my life, those who are also pivotal in these roles or could be, might too take away the compulsion to keep the United States as the Leading Nation our forefathers and foremothers oftentimes gave their lives to achieve, if not for them, for us and our children and grandchildren……a Nation which not only is formed with the religions and nationalities of all Nations, but one which educates her children to the utmost of knowledge already history and the scientific possibilities of what may be learned in the future.”

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