Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Serenia's Kanzas now avail @ Barnes & Noble,, & Abe & Blackwell Books in UK

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 1st, 2011.  A fiery romance set during the Civil War and Homesteading Era in Missouri and Kansas, SERENIA'S KANZAS tells a real life story with dialogue imagined, but based upon the true history of the families involved.  The Johnsons, Campbells, Martins, Hitts, Colvins, Troutmans and Skates families all play their part in this pioneer romance beginning just prior to the Civil War.  It is a tale which starts in terror and refuge in the hiding of slaves and the moving of their rescuers into Indian Territory called Kanzas when they begin their freezing trek midst ice and snow storms and crossing of icy rivers from Northern MO to N.Central Kansas.  They find friends and foes along their way and the romance of the Heroine Serenia Anne Johnson fills your heart with the depth of feeling she has for her husband, the handsome Scotsman Perry Campbell, their family and those whom she only knows as God's souls. 

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