Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Memories of A Baby Boomer

Today I have added to my published books with an Autobiography of memories of the 1950's. They are found at  The memories are so poignant, in reflection they feel as though I am back there and reexperiencing each situation, probably because there was not much of what distracts us today, such as: TV, Telephones (except for emergencies),Cell Phones,Computers,or more than one car per family.  I have to say, that though we were limited to only three or four clothes changes and that truthfully it is easier to write on a computer than the old typewriters, the times were more comfortable, mentally and emotionally satisfying and relaxing overall.  I do hope that you will take a peak and ultimately decide to purchase my latest, and yes....all of my published works.  Thank you.

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Kathleen Boston McCune said...

Hope all who shared this time in the US enjoy the read....we were very privileged to live in so safe a world as we did during the 50s.

Memories of A Baby Boomer

Memories of  A Baby Boomer
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