Saturday, January 15, 2011

Writing in a blog is Sharing with the World

When one decides to share oneself with the World it is exciting and also frightening.  Though writing has been my truest forte in understanding myself since I wrote my first prose as a teenager with hurt feelings, it is also a daunting delight which one usually prefers to hide beneath a bushel.  However, around the age of thirty I decided my forefathers and foremothers deserved to be revealed and began writing about them, their lives and their "raison d'etre".  This was not only enlightening to the rest of the family, but the University of Kansas requested it be made a part of their History Museum found at:  listed as a book for sale named Our Campbell Legacy by Kathleen Boston McCune

Since our Family names in this first expose of the family includes the Campbells and Johnsons and both families were quite prolific, it should appeal to all with those family names as well as those interested in the Civil War in America, Cowboys and Indians, Wagon Trains in settling America and Pioneer Life in general.

Since this first treatise I have written another manuscript which includes possible dialogue between the family members and includes their emotional ties to one another as well as their major physical endeavors to survive first at the hands of slavers and then upon fleeing to North of the Mason Dixon Line,  in a land filled with savages, raw weather (winter and summer), rough terrain and rougher cowboys and their craziness at trail's end.  I  have not as yet published this next manuscript called Serenia's Kanzas, but intend to when editing is completed.

I know you will enjoy Our Campbell Legacy, as many have already, but wanted you to know that Serenia's Kanzas will soon be coming as well.  It is hotter and closer to the they say.

Hope to hear what you have to say of both and if you too have roots in these same regions of the World.

Please let me know.

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