Friday, December 1, 2017


For everyone who wondered if they are related to someone who came to America aboard the Mayflower, and for history buffs world-wide, my new book, MAYFLOWER VOYAGE, An Historical Treatise should satisfy each and everyone.

Also, a terrific choice for all school aged youngsters, whether home schooled, public or parochial  schooled. Included are two letters from teenager Lizzy (Elizabeth Tilley-see her statue at the Mayflower Museum @ Plymouth), who wrote from aboard ship and once landed to her Aunt still in England.

For you ancestry/genealogy buffs, every passenger is profiled with as much information as is available for the telling and maiden names are listed as well for the wives. Also, for those who need DNA profiles, they too are available from the men listed who it is known have lineage alive today.

All information is referenced for checking and further exploring more details for those so inclined.

This was an enlightening experience and one I know you too will enjoy. Available now on Amazon under Kathleen Boston McCune, author.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Just released, my new book and autobiography LIVING LIFE FULLY is available on Amazon.
Though more an overview of my life, than an in-depth analysis of it or of anyone who has been a part of my life, it is also as I remember it.  That does not mean it is the history as my family or friends may remember it, since as with all humans, my memory is wrapped by my own experiences and is tinted by those lessons learned and those yet to be accepted. Naivety, or at least believing in everyone I meet before judging them, has been my way of living, and this is why I chose the title of LIVING LIFE FULLY. I think that because Dad and most of my older relatives were always so pragmatic and overprotective, impressing on us all to mistrust everyone and especially those of the opposite sex, I tended to go the other way, to the detriment of my own pocketbook but to the advantage of having experiences I would not otherwise have enjoyed and some I wished I had missed. Though time and learned knowledge have agreed with their analyses of around 75% of my life, the remaining 25% has given me the freedom to feel young at my current age of 70, because I still see life as a learning experience without parameters of fear and distrust instead of love and caring. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Renown British Author Reviews: PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE ~


PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is an epic story, based on an actual family history, which has been skilfully brought to life by the talented author Kathleen Boston McCune. The chief protagonists, Serena and Perry Campbell have been aiding escaped slaves flee from the oppression of the South at the advent of the Civil War. Now fearing retribution from southern, pro slavery, sympathizers, they set out to make a new life in Kansas.
R.L. Bartram
 This book is written with such exquisite detail, deftly creating a “spirit of place”, that I was instantly transported back in time to the world of the pioneer. The descriptions of what they ate, how they dressed, what they thought and the hardships they endured are so realistically   portrayed that I felt I was making the journey with them. I was particularly taken with Serena Campbell, whose stoic outlook and cheerful nature, even after the tragic loss of three children, bound the story together. Her devotion to her husband, family neighbours and friends, despite the many hardships of the trail is both heart warming and inspirational.  As seen through the eyes of the pioneer families this book covers one of the most significant periods of American history, in essence, the birth of a nation, from the gradual dispossession of the native people, the destruction of the buffalo herds, to the coming of the railway and the building of frontier towns to great cities.
PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is an engrossing read, whilst being both educational and entertaining. As an author of historical fiction based on fact, I can truly appreciate the fine detail that makes this book stand out from the crowd. I am normally a fast reader, but I took my time with this one because there was so much to absorb and it was well worth it.
                      I can thoroughly   recommend PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE, not only to devotees of history, but to anyone who enjoys a well written family saga. If this isn’t already on your “Must Read” list, then add it now.

R.L.Bartram. Author.    

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE for the teacher wanting FACTS..

PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE is the true story of two families who after helping slaves escape the South just prior to the Civil War, moved to escape death themselves in Southern Missouri, and then after the war, moved to Kansas to Homestead land for themselves and their progeny.

My Foreward explains best from whence the book evolved:
Campbell's brick home in Ellsworth, KS 1874.
"I want to dedicate this book, (which as closely follows actual facts as possible), to those gutsy, hardworking, patient, God and family loving forefathers and foremothers who dared to begin anew in a land filled with the unknown, of hostile Indians, prairie fires, and mostly bereft of timber (their known touchstone).  I am so proud to be a part of the family who followed the dictates of their hearts and souls and guidance of the Bible to govern their lives and how they lived them.  This is dedicated more specifically to the Campbell and Johnson families who left a lucrative living selling their Peach Brandy to New Orleans.  For them it was necessary to leave their peach groves in Southern Missouri to save the lives of their immediate families from Separatists during the Civil War, who would insure they no longer assist the Slaves escaping from their Owners, who would pay for the death of those aiding them in their escape.

            Though they would never brag of their exploits or self-sacrificing acts of kindness, feeling their actions were merely what any humane person would do, they nevertheless had to leave a way of life they found comfortable to insure another part of mankind could struggle to make a life which might be free from slavery ….something they knew no man nor woman should ever have to endure."

The book starts in first person, but as the Heroine becomes deeply involved in her new life, third person takes over with the Author explaining progress between the covers of this authentic Pioneer Tale.

Find on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all books stores.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pioneers With Purpose

Finally, Pioneers With Purpose is available on NOOK at Barnes & Noble!!  A great book to share with your children of a true saga of two families sharing their trek to Indian Territory in 1866.
Follow this URL for the excitement only a real western tale of trials what those pioneer men and women endured so that their prodigy would have a home in a land which allowed religious freedom, the right to free speech and the right to protect your family from all intruders.
"It was July of 1861 and Pap had just finished reading the dirty and scribbled note thrown through our parlor window tied to a rock.  It read:
            “If yu valu yer lif yu betr git out a the Ozarks”
“Perry, where are you when I need you?” I wondered silently.
We lived in Ozark County, Missouri just one-half mile from the ArKanzas line.[1]  I had just become engaged to Perry Campbell, the handsomest and most Christian man in my memory and my father’s business partner’s son in the making and selling of Peach Brandy.
 Even though I had just turned twenty-five on November 10th, 1860, barely nine months ago, I did not feel as old as some of the women here in the Ozark County of Missouri treat me.  For most of them any woman over the age of fourteen who is not married is considered to be an old maid.  In our family, until the proper match is made in which both parents and the intended all agree that the match is right, there is no marriage.  I have to admit I am more comfortable with our traditions and am glad for rules which make sense and give guidance for the future.
Both Perry’s and my families have been helping the slaves escape across the North Fork of the White River from ArKanzas to freedom in the North and we were now being threatened with our lives.
 Pap said, “We are going to escape as soon as possible and enlist all of our families’ help, cousins who do not agree with us are not being told of any of our plans.  However, we are going to stay in Southern Missouri as long as possible to help the slaves who are trying to find their freedom with precious little help. “

[1] This is now located in the Mark Twin National Forest

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Valentine Perfect Gift for the Sailor in your life....

Stewart Douglas Boston has written his second book  which is a collection of short stories derived from his experience in the Navy as an Officer of the U.S.S. California CGN-36 which accompanied the Nimitz during the Viet Nam War.  His tales share the visits ashore as well as the trials of sailors while at sea, sparing no detail of the pain suffered those who received "Dear Johns" while serving their Country.

This is the true story of Stewart Douglas Boston born May 8, 1949….short stories of his childhood, teen years, college years and Navy Boot Camp in San Diego.  From there he sees most of the World while on cruises where he eventually earns the rank of 1st Class Petty Officer in charge of the engine room aboard the nuclear powered U.S.S. California CGN-36.  Over seven years with his ship escort to the Nimitz on her starboard side, he and his fellow crewmen toured and visited England, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Egypt and other Northern Africa cities as well as Gitmo on Cuba and other islands.  This is a fun read which becomes touching as he deals with his fellow Sailors when they receive Dear John letters from their women while at sea where they are unable to deal with them.

A must read for all Sailors who have spent time at sea and their families who have endured their absence.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Book out by my brother: The Salina,Kansas Bostons

Now available on Amazon: Stewart's new book THE SALINA, KANSAS BOSTON'S is a compendium of the history and current Boston Family from the lineage containing Bostons, Johnsons, Stewarts, Harris', Means, Mott, Weeks, Ross, and Bieri.

It is also the memories and Sagas handed down from one generatin to the other from these families when most frightened or enjoying life to its hilt or both.

Many photographs are included showing the family in the 1850s until today which will be of interest to family and friends, but also to those who are interested or related to Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, French or just plain American who are basically just good Christian folks who love one another and their fellow men and women and want what is right and fair for all. family from the 1850s until today and should be of interest to not only family and friends, but also to those who are interested in what has happened to a family comprised of Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, French and just plain Americans who are basically Christian folks who love one another and their fellow men and women.

This is an invitation to share in our family and feel what we have felt over the generations.


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